York Opera

The Marriage

of Figaro

by W. A. Mozart | English Translation by Jeremy Sams | Performed by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited

9 - 11 May 2019

The Joseph Rowntree Theatre

a hugely heart-warming evening in York Opera’s best tradition.
— Martin Dreyer, York Press


Taking place over the course of a single day, The Marriage of Figaro is a lively comedy full of deception, mistaken identities and true love, brought to life by a talented cast in a modern translation by Jeremy Sams.

The seed is set in part 1 of the trilogy - The Barber of Seville:

  • Figaro has played match-maker to The Count D’Almaviva and Rosina

  • However, Doctor Bartolo (Rosina’s guardian) has designs on her and is furious at Figaro

Years pass. Figaro is now a servant in the house of The Count and Countess.

  • It is the day of his wedding to Susanna, maidservant to Countess Rosina

  • Transpires that The Count, despite having abolished his droit de seigneur (feudal right to bed any woman on his estate), has his eyes on Susanna

Between them, Figaro, Susanna, and The Countess hatch a plan to ensnare the Count and catch him red handed.

But all does not go smoothly to plan!

  • Doctor Bartolo turns up, plotting his revenge on Figaro, by producing his maid Marcellina, to whom Figaro owes money, and who wants to marry Figaro

  • And Cherubino, the libidinous teenager, keeps spoiling everyone’s plans by chasing around all the women in the palace, popping up when he is least wanted.


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